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Musculoskeletal Shockwave Therapy in Tendinosis Calcarea of
The Shoulder
- Six Years of Experience

Dr. José Eid, Dr. Paulo Kertzmon
The treatment of tendinosis calcarea goes since physiotherapy, Non anti-inflammatory drugs, infiltrations and surgical procedure to remove the calcification. We present the results of extrashockwavetherapy (ESWT) in 79 patients with tendinosis calcarea.
Material and Methods:
From 1998, October to 2004, March, we treated 129 patients with tendinopathy of the shoulder with ESWT. We have done 387 applications with 3 sessions per patient. Tendinosis calcarea was present in 79 patients, 48 women and 31 men, ages between 38 and 78 years. The treatment was done under the guideline conditions of the ISMST (International Society) and SBTOC (Brazilian Society) protocol, i. e., all the patients showed pain and limitation of motion for at least 6 months, in spite of traditional treatment. The device used was an electromagnetic generator from Dornier (Compact S and Epos Ultra) and the focus was done by radioscopy or
Ultrassonography of 7,5 Mhz. We did 237 applications, 3 sessions in each patient, with 2000 shockwaves (SW) in each session, in intervals ofl day.
Patients were reviewed clinical with the Roles and Maudsley functional scale and through X-Rays and or Ultrassonography in the first 3 months, 6 months and 1 year. We observed a great improvement of pain and function in 63 patients. Resorption of calcification occurred in 54 patients.
ESW is a therapy that shows effective in the treatment of tendinosis calcarea.
We observed a great improvement of function and pain even in a safety and effective way, even in
cases without resorption.

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